Some Easter Egg Inspiration and a Note Card Printable ... for you!

Happy Spring, Y'all!
I've got Easter eggs on my mind...  So I wanted to share some Amy J. style Easter eggs with you and also some free printable note cards (one with Easter eggs on it...naturally!)

So take a peek, get inspired, and go print some cards!

image souce: Smile and Style
image source: Torie Jayne

image source: Decor8 blog
Aren't those just lovely!!  I'd like to try the first one that used a paper napkin.  so sweet.
How about you?  Well, if you're not up for fancy shmancy egg decorating how about a really quick and easy printable with pretty little egg illustrations??  ...that might have to do for me this year :)

These happy little Easter cards are 4.25x5.5 inches when folded and fit in a A2 or 5 1/2 bar envelope.
Just download the .pdf, print, cut out, and fold!  Oh! and if you want some more sweet spring note cards, go check out the printables button at the top of the page... there are some more for you from a while back up there!

*as always, file and printed design are for personal use only.  May not be sold or distributed.



Lucy Lou...turns one!

Hello Friends!
I just wanted to pop in and say "hi" in the middle of our crazy birthday week!  We have three birthdays in a row... hubs' was on the 2nd, Lucy turned one on the 3rd, and Elsie turns seven today! There's a lot of partying going on here...let me tell you! But yesterday I managed to take a few shots of my sweet Lucy Lou to commemorate her first birthday...  bittersweet emotions going on in this mama's heart, for sure :)

Loucille Louise.... my spirited and precious baby #5:



V's Big Boy Room... a vintage boy's room tour

Hello Friends!

So I've been meaning to take you on a little tour of Virgil's big boy room for like a year and half... yeesh! ...But before I do that I have one other thing to tell you...

You NEED to hop on over to Natalie Creates and enter to win one of my Meal Planning Kits! She's posting about meal planning and wants to share her favorite meal planning printables (mine!) with you :)

now onto the tour!


Hope you enjoyed the tour :)
Oh, and Virgil says "hi."


Meal Planning for a Year from Raising Up Rubies...with printables from Yours Truly!

Okay, today I'm sending you over to Raising up Rubies once again for another Jaime/Amy collaboration!  Jaime put together an absolutely amazing post about how to meal plan for an entire year... and you'll notice that it's all done using my Meal Planning kit!  So no more talking... just go read her post :)  ...oh, and be sure to leave her a cheery hello on her blog... she loves that :)


A Woodland Party over at Raising Up Rubies... and Lucy Lou is 11 months old!

Hey Y'all! Do you notice it looks a bit different around here?!  I had the amazing Heather from Life Made Lovely perk up my blog...  She was so amazing.  She was so gracious to work with me and use my illustrations to come up with the perfect look that just screams "AMY J!"  love. it.

Okay, and you MUST hop on over to my best girl Jaime's blog, where I'm guest posting about a really fun Woodland Party idea (and there are some free printables, by the way...wink, wink).

And now, Miss Lucy... my sweet baby girl... These baby days are slipping away. boo.  But I managed to capture a few pieces of my heart  in digital form to share with you... and tear up over for years to come. ha, ha :)


Mini Vintage Valentines Garland idea....

Hey Y'all!

So I'm just poppin' in to pass along an idea and a resource for V-day!  I whipped this up today and posted it on my Instagram account...  a sweet follower requested that I make these available!  So... for what it's worth...

You can make this mini garland by downloading this file, cutting them out, and running them through your sewing machine!  I printed on medium weight card stock and also sewed strips of fabric to each end of the garland so that there's something to stick a tack through.

I'm planning on sending a few of these out tomorrow as a tiny Valentine's Day greeting, tucked into a little envelope perhaps.  

Happy Valentine's Day!
May you all know, experience, and pass along the love of Christ this V-day :)

Click on the picture to view a High Resolution image that can be saved and printed as a .jpeg

** file for personal use only.  May not be used for profit of any kind.  May not be redistributed.


The perfect Valentines for that crafty girl... a free printable.

 So I wanted to send a little Valentine to a certain crafty girl I know... well, one thing led to another and WABAM! I ended up with a garland made up of Valentines.  Don't ask how I got there.  Creative brains are a jumbled mess.  But I thought y'all might enjoy the valentines and/or making them into a garland for a crafty girl you might know!

So enjoy the pics, download the Valentines, and get busy!  Valentines day is just a week away!  Ahhharrrg!


Oh! and I almost forgot to tell you... be sure to check out my other V-day printables from earlier years if you're searching for some last-minute Valentines or gifts!  There's some cute stuff to be snatched up!  ALSO... I added a couple sets of V-day clip art to the store, those might be helpful for your projects, as well :)
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